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In Psychologies magazines supplement, ‘The Life Guide’, The Kindness Offensive are listed as a group to join for those looking to spread a little happiness in 2010.


1)    For inspiration, read Danny Wallace’s ‘Random Acts of Kindness: 365 Ways To Make The World A Nicer Place’ (Ebury).

2)    Make someone’s morning – give up your seat on the train, hold the door open, smile for absolutely no good reason.

3)    Handwrite a letter to a friend. Bills and bank statements make up the majority of mail we receive as adults, which is why receiving a letter feels like such a treat. On beautiful stationery, with your neatest pen, take time to craft a letter of appreciation to a dear friend.

4)    A favourite kind act is to pay someone a compliment, so start with yourself. Begin each day with a kind thought about you.

5)    If you’re in London, join The Kindness Offensive, an organisation that commits random acts of kindness on sometimes industrial scale across the capital. Sign up at

6)    Save a stranger’s life. Whatever your blood type, the National Blood Service ( needs it. Find out how to donate at Donating isn’t the only way to help, the NBS needs volunteers to help run its centers and encourage donations. For and act of kindness that will last long after you’ve gone, sign the NHS organ donor register online at the

7)    How many unwanted presents are lurking at the back of your wardrobe? Make this the year you ask for donations to charity instead. Try Oxfam Unwrapped, Cow ‘n’ Things or charity for inspiration.


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