The Mountain Of Food

“They’re modern-day Robin Hoods.” Riz Lateef, BBC News Presenter

After hearing about The Table of Dreams, someone said to us, 'If you really want to help people, why don’t you do something for London’s refugees?' After some research into the refugees' living situation, we found that many of them were living on literally pennies each day and some couldn’t even afford nappies for their babies. We felt we had to do something to help in any way we could. Encouraged by our recent success and shocked by their living conditions, we took on the challenge. General Mills, a major food supplier, was first to answer the call when they sent out an 18-wheel articulated lorry fully stacked with food.

West End Lane was brought to a standstill as 25 tonnes of food were delivered to our modest home. The food absolutely packed our three-storey house. It was wedged behind the sofa, piled on the groaning kitchen table and trapped under a tarpaulin in the garden. Onlookers referred to it as ‘the mountain of food’! And so we devised a military style plan to distribute this vast amount of non-perishable food to London’s most needy. The public’s response to the delivery was truly incredible. Estate agents on our street stopped working and took off their suits to get involved, and neighbours from the surrounding roads came out to help unload the food. Many of the soup kitchens in London took away vans full of supplies, enough, in fact, to feed 75,000 people. That’s a full-capacity crowd at Wembley Stadium!


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