Hazelwick School Kindness Offensive

The response from the children was rapturous…. It was as though the Kindness Offensive were celebrities.” Adrian Bailey, Hazelwick School Teacher.

School Kindness Run


We had wanted to work with kids for a while, but the right opportunity had never presented itself. Fortunately, an inspiring teacher from Hazelwick School contacted us, to ask if we would be interested in giving a talk to their year 7 students. We jumped at the opportunity!

On May 14th 2010, TKO went to Hazelwick School for a day about ‘Being the change you wish to see in the world’. A talk was given about the history of TKO, and at the end the children were set a kindness challenge. Every child in the year was given 50p and told to do the kindest, most imaginative good deed they could think of with the money!

This sparked a fun and creative kindness competition among the kids. One selo-taped the money to the inside of their favorite library book for someone to find, others grouped together to buy lots of sweets to give out in the playground to their fellow classmates. The kid’s were still enthusiastically performing Kindness Offensive’s weeks after TKO was there!


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