The Everyday Kindness Awards

This is a truly inspirational project that will brighten up the daily lives of so many Londoners.” Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

Everyday Kindness awards


We were stunned after reading a Newspaper article, about an old man who had collapsed in the tube, and the public had just stepped over him, completely ignoring his condition. So we began discussing fun and unique ways to boost the kindness levels in the Capital.

Armed with smiles, balloons and confetti cannons, TKO (with support from ING Direct) launched ‘The Everyday Kindness Awards’, on the 14th, 15th & 16th of August 2009. The Awards celebrated Random Acts of Kindness performed by warm-hearted members of the public. Our volunteer actors performed mock scenarios around the capital, playing the role of someone who needed a helping hand.

Strangers who offered help were met with cheers and an impromptu party in the street, before being presented with Champagne, flowers and given a specially made gold medal.


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