You hope people like this exist, and then you find a whole room full of them…It’s incredible!”  - Kindival audience member, speaking after the event.

With the success of Pancake Day under our belt, we were looking to create further events with lots of people in the same space at the same time. We realized that performing numerous Random Acts of Kindness under one roof, created an incredible electric atmosphere, and we wanted to do more of this at Kindival.

In April 2009, TKO teamed up with Channel 4 to headline Kindival, an event created for the award-winning documentary series Battlefront, which was organized by Tom Robbins. The event had a variety of fun activities happening, from free massage stalls, to the tribute Bonzo Dog Do-Dar Band cycling through the university corridors playing their music.


During a speech given by David Goodfellow, hundreds of individually wrapped presents were brought into a packed lecture theatre and given away to an excited and unsuspecting audience. The event went down a storm and TKO was given a standing ovation!


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