Table of Dreams

A mystery trio who surprise members of the public with gifts have struck in Ham, making a dream come true for a teenage musician.”  - Patsy Duffy, The Richmond Informer

We all know what it’s like being approached by someone in the street who wants something from us, but what would it be like if we approached people in the street to ask them what would make them happy? Would it be a reasonable goal? Or even possible to make their dreams come true? We thought it was about time we found out if it we could make a difference!

On August 3rd 2008, dressed in high-viz jackets and yellow hardhats and armed with only a few placards, The Kindness Offensive set up a table on Parliament Hill and asked passing members of the public to describe what acts of kindness would make their day special. One lady asked for a blender, another older lady with arthritis wanted a fridge she could reach more easily, a young couple requested West-End theatre tickets, two teenage lads dreamed of having red electric guitars, and a loving Dad asked for a special birthday party for his daughter and ten of her friends.

Table of dreams TKO

It had been our intention to pick a couple of wishes from the list and to try and make them happen but, as we did so, more and more kind companies opened their hearts and minds to the idea. Before long, each and every wish had been granted by their remarkable kindness: the lady with arthritis got a new fridge (one she wouldn’t have to bend down to open, thanks to Baumatic); the father, his kids and all their friends got to train with, then watch the Moscow State Circus from ring-side seats; and the two teenage boys had their rock aspirations fulfilled when they got the red electric guitar of their dreams, sent over by Yamaha. When this little experiment was over, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that something special had happened and that this was just the beginning!



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