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Red 13 Website Design is a website design, development and creative agency based in Shoreditch, London. They specialise in creating stylish, professional and sleek websites for a wide range of clients. They are also experts in e-commerce websites, SEO, logo design and mobile apps.

Red 13 Website Design have been close friends with The Kindness Offensive since Ryan, the Red 13 managing director, and David Goodfellow had a chance encounter on a National Express bus! Ryan was overwhelmed with the vision, passion and commitment of TKO. He offered the company's website design and development services free of charge.

Red 13 Website Design launched the new Kindness Offensive website in 2011, helping give the charity a more professional and engaging online presence.


We would like to thank Red 13 Website Design for all their hard work, efforts and friendship over the years.

View the Red 13 Website Design company website here.


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