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We are The Kindness Offensive (or TKO for short) and we think the time has come for kindness to rule the world! We’re not a religion, company, charity or official group of any sort; we are a group of friends and like-minded people. In 2008 the three founding members of TKO headed out of their front door to see what they, as ordinary people, could do to make the world a better place. (We’ll be honest, back then they were pretty pessimistic about what was actually possible).

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Since that day, TKO has grown into a group with thousands of volunteers  and dozens of corporate sponsors. Together, we’ve given away over £6,000,000 worth of goods, created loads of events and made videos that have generated millions-upon-millions of hits, as well as receiving oodles of wide-spread media coverage throughout the UK and abroad. One of our founding members (David Goodfellow) has even been recognised by The Independent’s 'Happy List', a list of the 100 people most responsible for making Britain a happier place to live!

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You can read, listen to and watch much of our story and our events/achievements by having a look at the press section on this website, as well as on our very popular YouTube channel. We are amazed that from our very small beginnings we have risen to become the world's largest performer of Random Acts of Kindness. We are proud to have the support of a large number of people, including many key politicians, religious and community groups, companies large and small, as well as so many large news outlets. We’ve found that, when stripped down to its basic components, kindness (and TKO) is something that everyone can enjoy and be happy about! Kindness is infectious and, having caught the bug, we’re actively spreading it as far as we can! Our approach has turned kindness into a celebration and a participation sport. Dressed in bright day-glow jackets and helmets adorned with smiley faces, we achieved the World Record for the largest ever Random Act of Kindness, distributing over 39 tonnes of goods in just one day during the White Stuff Kindness Offensive. This broke the record we had set when we gave away 35 tonnes one previous Christmas!

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We do all this good without taking a cent from the public. A little technique called Phone Whispering is at our heart.  By persuading big corporations to part with mountains of goods we’re able to help those in need and inspire others who come across or are at the receiving end of our random acts. Having recently won a classic Routemaster bus, our Random Acts of Kindness have gone from strength to strength: we’ve surprised festival crowds across England; we’ve twice provided a toy for every child unfortunate enough to be hospital in London; we've repeatedly provided van-loads of food for every soup kitchen in London and we've held tea parties for old-age pensioners. Added to that, a vast number of impromptu and individual surprises, including flowers, champagne and gold medals for those we’ve caught in the act of being kind, medication for the sick and much much more. We have always been open to input from all corners. That’s why TKO has grown and taken so many different shapes throughout the past years. If you have an idea please let us know, the chances are, if it is a winner, we'll have a go at putting it into action! Everyone is welcome to join TKO by simply performing a Random Act of Kindness, or by joining us at one of our events. Pop your name down on our mailing list if you’re keen via the 'Join Us' tab on this website.

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